Find recipes for anything

Welcome to our gastronomic journey. Follow us on this beautiful tasty route and try new flavors and aromas from all over the world. It will be my honor to have you as passengers in this delicious experience that is just beginning

Find recipes for anything

What You Will Find On This Blog

In this blog you will find recipes for anything. Quick, simple and easy cooking recipes that I love and often cook for my family. New kitchen ideas and secrets that will help every housewife, mother and lover of good and healthy food. Do not hesitate to contact me to exchange ideas and impressions. I will be very happy if you make any comment on my recipes, I will try to answer everyone as soon as i can


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You can watch how to make the most perfect and delicious Meat Broth, Demi Glace. A recipe that requires a little patience but the end result will satisfy us a lot, with its aroma and taste. 

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Lard is the melted fat from the belly and the thickest pieces of pork. To prepare the lard, boil these pieces, for several hours in the pot, at a very low temperature and strain them to get the liquid fat. 

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HI THERE! I'm so glad you are here!

I’m Michaela, wife and mom, fueled by coffee and good food and sirious love my family and creator of this blog! I’m originally from Czech but a lot of years live in Greece with my husband.

Cooking and sharing delicious food is my what I love to do. I always turn to seasonal inspiration for recipes and because I’m mother of two under two you can expect an easy and quick recipes which everyone can do. Will be nice if you will try some recipe and leave some comment. You can also follow me on Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest
thank you for your time
With love M. xoxo

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Welcome to our gastronomic journey. Find Recipes for anything

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