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The Mediterranean Diet is the only nutrition program recognized by UNESCO as the national cultural heritage of the Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Cyprus). The diet of the system has a minimum of restrictions and brings maximum benefits not only for weight loss but also for the organism as a whole.


In this ebook you will learn the history and traditions of Greece, which begin and end at a table.

A table that is never empty. Where with simple ingredients and enough love you can make a perfect MEZE to welcome your loved ones. In this book you will not find many words to get tired of reading, you will go straight to the point, you find flavors, aromas and childhood memories. From mom’s and YiaYia’s homemade food. 50+ simple and easy to use cooking recipes. Recipes from the daily Greek table with a little more modern and professional result. Greek Mediterranean Cuisine is the first book in a series of books that will follow, with Greek gastronomy, nutrition, traditions and culture. Stay tuned to travel together on this delicious journey.

Health benefits of the Mediterranean diet
Nutritionists argue that the Mediterranean diet for lowering cholesterol fits perfectly for everyone. This way of eating is a real find for diabetics who are constantly forced to limit themselves to something. This type of food is diverse, it is not monotonous and does not get tired after a few days. Adhere to this method of losing weight can be infinite, without feeling at the same time deprived of various goodies.

Thanks to this style of food you can:
1. saturate your body with antioxidants;
2. reduce the risk of diabetes, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer;
3. prevent cardiovascular diseases;
4. normalize blood pressure;
5. reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases of emphysema and bronchi;
6. prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease in older people;
7. just significantly improve the quality of life.

The Mediterranean diet has a beneficial effect on human health.

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