Blueberry Dessert with Ricotta and Cottage Cheese

Blueberry Dessert with Ricotta

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Are you ready to indulge in a dessert that will leave you craving for more? Prepare your taste buds for a luscious and delightful treat with our mouthwatering Blueberry Dessert with Ricotta and Cottage Cheese. With its creamy, dreamy texture and bursts of tangy sweetness, this dessert is a true celebration of summer and the vibrant flavors of blueberries. Get ready to dive into a bowl of pure bliss and experience a dessert that will make your taste buds dance with joy!

Welcome to our sweet corner of culinary delights, where we love to share recipes that are as delicious as they are easy to prepare. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to our Blueberry Dessert with Ricotta and Cottage Cheese—a tantalizing creation that brings together the goodness of creamy cheeses and the natural sweetness of blueberries. With every spoonful, you’ll experience the velvety smoothness of ricotta and cottage cheese, elegantly swirled with a vibrant blueberry compote. It’s a dessert that strikes the perfect balance between indulgence and freshness. So, let’s embark on this sweet journey together and create a dessert that will dazzle your taste buds!


  • 6tbs spelled smooth flour
  • 6tbs powder brown sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • 80g of brown sugar
  • 10tbs lukewarm milk
  • 2tbs butter
  • 1\2ts baking soda

For Cream:

  • 250g ricotta
  • 500g soft cottage cheese
  • 25g vanilla protein
  • 200g of frozen blueberries
  • 1 blueberry jam


  • Separate the yolks from the whites and beat them with powdered brown sugar.
  • Whipped egg whites with brown sugar into the foam.
  • Dissolve the butter in milk and add to the yolk mixture.
  • Further add 2x sprinkled flour and baking soda to the yolk mixture.
  • Finish gently mix in the whipped egg whites.
  • Bake at 180 degrees for 18-25 minutes to be a sponge cake .
  • After baking, we leave the sponge cake cool and cut it in half.
  • We prepare the cream by mixing cottage cheese, ricotta and protein
  • We’ll split it in two halves and we layer as follows
  • Corpus, blueberry jam, frozen blueberries, cream, corpus, blueberry jam, frozen blueberries, cream
  • Also you can put some frozen blueberry on top
  • Let it freeze in fridge for night and serve
Blueberry Dessert with Ricotta

Blueberry Dessert with Ricotta and Cottage Cheese

As you take your final spoonful of our Blueberry Dessert with Ricotta and Cottage Cheese, you can’t help but smile in satisfaction. The creamy texture of ricotta and cottage cheese, combined with the burst of tangy sweetness from the blueberry compote, has created a dessert that’s both comforting and refreshing. Each bite is a harmonious symphony of flavors, a delightful dance on your palate. This dessert celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the joys of combining high-quality ingredients to create something truly extraordinary. We hope it brings a touch of sweetness to your day and becomes a cherished addition to your dessert repertoire. So, grab a spoon, savor the creamy delight, and let the flavors whisk you away to dessert heaven. Enjoy!

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